TV Baby, is filled with a kind of tension — and at times paranoia — about the relationship between real life and technology. Even the EP’s title and cover art speak to the incongruity between the two.

“Organic Frequency” begins with a frantic guitar riff and frustrated scream as Kidd wails, “Nothing is left for me to need” and “Nothing is left of my identity / Thanks to organic frequency,” which has been “directly channeled to” our brains.

While open to interpretation, this appears to be a searing comment about our tendency to let technology supplement physical desires and interactions, the result of which is to “feel crazy” and isolated.

That isolation grows and festers in “Gutterboy Blues,” in which the singer deliberately misses phone calls and other human contact, preferring to stay alone. It leads to a kind of waltzing paranoia in “Good Intentions,” where crawling thoughts become messages, which then become physical creatures in “Robotic Centipede” and transform the human that the EP begins with into the “Mechanical Man,” whom “organic people, they just don’t understand.” But don't ask Kidd how much to read into it.

-David Fletcher, Dallas Observer


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