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"Mean Motor Scooter's raucous post-garage is loud and proud, crashing into your eardrums like and airborne station wagon coming to rest through a living room's bay window. Blasting a sound thats built on B-movie sci-fi vibes and real-life feelings of alienation, the road-tested, crowd-approved four-piece hits the ground running and howling, leaving a trail of scorched ears and melted-faces in its wake.


- Fort Worth Weekly -

Mean Motor Scooter is a kinda fuzzy, kinda surfy garage-rock band from Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in 2015 by singer and guitar player Sammy Kidd, drummer Jeffrey Friedman and bassist Joe Tacke, the band hit the ground running. After releasing a self-titled EP and two singles, Rebekah Elizabeth joined the band on keys.  

In 2017 the band's first full length album, Hindu Flying Machine, was released on Dirty Water Records USA. The four-piece toured the Mid-West with The Darts and Escobar (FR); and West Coast with The Darts, Atom Age and Bee Bee Sea (IT) in support of the album.


Their latest EP, TV Baby was released on Dreamy Life Records in 2019.  Mean Motor Scooter hits the road again in September with a tour of the West.

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